Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neck-deep in mining seriousness! Zomg!

Hi guys! how are you doing today?
I hope good, it's been a fun day for me, today there was no school, and i finally had some time to go hanging out with friends, relax a bit, and post!

I'm glad you guys liked the article i wrote before, i was worried you wouldn't like it, but seems it did just fine. Someone even suggested me to upload some of my bands songs, and it doesn't seems like such a bad idea, you can expect to hear from Sidra soon.

Moving on, today i discovered a really awesome game, it's called "Minecraft". I don't know if you played it before, but it's really fun! I downloaded it today, and i thought it was so cool that i had to review it and share it with you guys. Graphic wise, Minecraft isn't all that good, since almost everything is made up of only cubes and some simple polygons, but the quality of gameplay and the unlimited possibilities will make you forget about this fact.

Minecraft is an original game with an original concept. There's no real goal to the game, just having fun and surviving the nightly attacks by monsters.

See, in Minecraft you control a character, with which you can do various activities, like chopping wood, getting stone and other resources, digging, hunting, fishing, building and more. At the beggining the game won't be much fun, and most activities will take some time, since you are working with your bare hands. The fun of the game, comes when you start using the craft system, in Minecraft, there's a craft system where you can place up to 4 different materials in a specific order to create useful items, furniture and tools. With the basic 2x2 craft window, you won't be able to do much other than wooden sticks, torches, wooden planks and some other basic stuff, but if you combine 4 pieces of wood, you'll create a workbench, which you can place anywhere on the map, and right-click to access a more advanced 3x3 grid, allowing you to work with 9 materials at a time, and create and almost endless variety of items, like pickaxes, axes, fishing rods, hoes, shovels, chests (used to store stuff), stairs, swords, sets of armor, and more. With these new tools, like the pickaxe, you will be able to mine faster and break stones which would've been otherwise unbreakable, you can experiment crafting tools with different materials, such as wood, stone, gold, iron and diamond, being the best -obviously- diamond tools, and the weakest wooden tools.
I wish i can build something like this some day.

"But, hey! what about the sword and armor and all that stuff?" you might ask. Well, the game has a clock (in which, i think, passes 1 in-game hour per w real-life minute) and when it gets dark, monsters like zombies, skeletons, giant spiders and more start to wander around, and if you ever find yourself with your back against the wall and one nasty zombie on the front, you might want to carry a nice sword with you and a set of armor to fight it. Or well, you can also use normal tools like axes and your bare hands, but it'll take a while before they die.

"Cool, so i get to build weapons and beat zombies, then what?"
Well, as you progress, you will be able to build more complex things, like electric systems, boats, carts, plows, TNT, minecart tracks and even rollercoasters! Yeah, rollercoasters =D.
I've never made one, but i've seen them on the internet, and they're made with a lot of minetracks, a mine cart and lots of hardwork. Oh, and normal minetracks can become very handy when you've expanded your..."base" and you need to travel far distances between your safe house and resources. Also, it's a lot more fun to hop into a cart and escape from zombies at full speed, than just running away =P.

The game's map is huge. and by huge, i mean gigantic, it's almost eternal. According to wikipedia "The game world is procedurally generated as the player explores it, with the full size possible stretching out to be nearly eight times the surface area of the Earth before running into technical limits." And well, i think a map eight times the surface of the earth is more than enough to keep you entertained.
With the right tools, possibilities are endless!

Tho, why going on the same direction? screw left, right, forward and backwards. Go up! and down! The game's map generator is really awesome, and it generates some gigantic and awesome underground caves with even small underground rivers or lakes on them, which will also keep you busy a long while before you fully explore them, and you'll probably get lost a couple times (Already happened to me :D) Also, when you're just starting and can't build a fortress or house of your own, ocuppying a cave is probably the best choice as a safehouse, to protect yourself from mobs at night.

Not only that, if you keep digging a lot, you might even reach the core of the earth! with all the lava too =D. You can also craft special buckets which you can fill with lava and bring to the surface, to...well...i mean, you have a bucket full of lava, zombies, and free time, so you can do pretty much anything that crosses your mind! The fun doesn't end there, you can play this game in Lan or online, so you can bring a friend along to the crazyness!
I'll see if i can get Lucius to play it with me, some time :P.

I haven't played the game that much, so maybe there are things i haven't mentioned here yet, but guess you'll have to discover for yourselves.

Well, that's it for today, but before finishing, here's a funny animation about minecraft :).
Cool animation :)

The animation is in 2D, but don't worry, the game is on a full-rendered 3D.

It's hilarious, you won't regret seeing it. (The title of this post is a reference to that flash, also.)

And, as always, here's the song of the day!

It's Nightquest, by my favourite band "Nightwish" i hope you guys enjoy it!

See you tomorrow!


Verols said...

AHHH! tnx for remainding me that Nightwish is a great band

Verols said...

AHHH! tnx for remainding me that Nightwish is a great band

EGGDOOR said...

thats it... downloading nao! been hearing so much about it.

MTL beer said...

Minecraft is awesome.

Nice blog btw, following now :)