Thursday, October 7, 2010

To stay alive. Why?

This is a really common question, many of us have probably asked this to ourselves, not meaning that we are deppresive or suicidal, just that they wondered, Why?

The thing is, why should you stay alive? From the point of view of an Atheist, there's life, and then there's nothing else. In this life, we'll fight for a lot years, many of which will be filled of a lot of suffering before we can reach a small accomplishment, and then, we die, everything we worked for will dissapear. Unless you made a huge change to humanity, then, your knowledge or achievements will be enjoyed and used by the other persons who are still alive. So it all is pretty much an act of charity, devote your life to create something for others to enjoy when you die. Or devote your life to find happiness for yourself, and then die, just like anyone else would, happy or not.

Myself, i believe that the most valid reasons for living are just any responsability we may have in our life, and of course, Ethic, respect for life, your's and other's.
For example, a mother or a father with children has a great responsability, to raise those childs, to protect them, and to turn them into strong men and women who will be able to defend themselves in the world, and possibly found a new family of their own. I believe that is reason enough for living, fullfilling your responsability, and not abandoning them. Plus, it'd be something really selfish if a Father committed suicide, their children would be orphans, and they'll carry the burden and all the damage it might cause to see that their own Father took his own life. All the damage done to innocent beings who you knew depended on you, just because you got tired of living? Doesn't seems fair.
Who will find your body? who will clean up the mess?

 That was just an example, but you can easily find a lot more by looking around yourself.

Something that should also be considered, is, what will happen after your suicide. Who will find your body? who will clean up your mess? your parents? your children? will they feel guilty?. A suicide can destroy innocent lives, or even complete families. Imagine the psycological damage suffered.
Because, think about it, a kid's going to tell his Father that he's going out with friends. And when he open his father's room's door, he finds his father's corpse, with a bleeding arm and a razor by his side. Imagine how hard that might be on the poor kid, who will carry that memory for the rest of his life.

Maybe this is the sanest choice, after all?
But, if no one depends on you, no one will suffer much because of your death, and you don't really have any responsability, or maybe just a "Reason" that forces you to stay alive, then suicide would be a pretty sane choice, right? A hard question, i believe, that's why i'm posting this here.

Some say (Specially kids and teenagers) that they want to live and grow up, just because they are curious of what will happen in their lives.

Opinions? Thoughts? or maybe; What is your reason to stay alive, instead of just killing yourself, and skipping all the process which eventually would lead to the same end?

Oh, and here's today song, it's called "Castlevania" from Cradle of Filth. Also a really cool song, i hope you enjoy it :D.



EGGDOOR said...

As an atheist, I've come to similar conclusions in the past. But, now I have a son and realize that I'm living to teach him better than i was taught. I wont type too much and get boring, but i think its a part of evolution. Although the present state of things is helping the weak and ignoring the strong, the instinct to make the next generation better is inherent. Too bad dumbasses reproduce much more than those who can actually improve humanity.

good post. thought provoking.

Ganesh said...

I'm glad you liked the post. And i definetly agree with you.
Your son must be one lucky child :)

la com├ędie said...

great post

Ceedo said...

I live because I aim to prove that I am better than everyone else.