Sunday, October 10, 2010

Understanding, so demanding...

Hey guys, I think it's been over a week since my last post, and I'm really sorry about that... It's amazing how time just passes by. I think about writing something and when I see the clock I realize I have no time! Right now I'm out of town, I'll be getting home around 8 tonight.

This week I've missed two great concerts, Green Day and The Cranberries. Green Day because the tickets were really expensive and I didn't have enough money to spend; and The Cranberries because I didn't know they were having a concert until the day before... So I spent the weekend here in Valencia with my mother, whom just got back from New York and brought pretty presents with her! xD When I get back to Caracas I'll make a cool post, but for know you'll have to settle with this. There's no school on Tuesday, so I'll have the day to get some school work done and make the post.

 I see you've met Ganesh. I knew he would be a good blogger; we have lots of common interests and likings. His last post was really cool I think, and i also like the "daily song" thing. I think together we can make something really cool of this blog, so we count on you guys to keep reading it. We already have 50 followers. I know it's not much compared to other blogs, but just knowing there's people interested in stuff we post here makes me want to make it better.

In other news, I've been making progress in Sniper: Ghost Warrior, and let me tell you it just keeps getting better and better. The only thing I don't like -so far- is that you don't get binoculars. In Sniper Elite you had a pair of binocular that could amplify a lot more than the rifle scope, and it was really useful when you were dealing with enemy snipers. A cool thing is the realistic AI field of view. But I'm starting to think that "stealth" only works when the game feels like it, or when it is convenient for the story.  As you see in this screeshot, there's a bar in the lower part of the screen next to the possiton, that messures how near you are from being spotted. Well sometimes it just goes crazy and you get busted... and it's really annoying.

Well, that's all I have time for today. I'll leave you with a cool song, related to the title of the post.


Verols said...

Sonata Artica is such a great band! :D been listening on em for years!

Jay Cee said...

looks awesome!